Genesis Health Consulting offers a cross-sector, systems-based approach to improve and maintain the health of pediatric populations at a sustainable cost.


Strategy development

We translate our clients' visions into strategies that drive outcomes for their organizations, and respond to rapidly evolving healthcare markets.

Policy impact analysis and policy development 

We help our clients understand the impact of federal and state policy changes on current and future business opportunities, respond to proposed administrative rules, and design policy recommendations as part of a comprehensive product development approach.

Product development and implementation 

Leveraging our extensive experience, we work with clients to co-create novel care delivery solutions that improve health outcomes in financially sustainable ways.

Market analysis

We help our clients understand market dynamics to inform strategy development or to assess performance towards goals. 


The big picture

We are a consulting firm that is singularly focused on improving child health and well-being. We work with organizations serving children and families to co-create novel and sustainable solutions to complex challenges facing child and family health and well-being.


We explore root causes of circumstances impacting children and families and develop evidence-informed, multifaceted solutions that build upon the natural strengths and assets of children, families and communities. Our leadership team has over 30 years of experience in health systems leadership, and program and policy development, and have developed and implemented proven solutions. 


We are singularly focused on children and their families. We understand the unique physical, social, psychological and developmental factors that shape kids' overall well-being.

We have experience developing and implementing proven solutions (organizational infrastructure, program and policy development, model implementation) specifically for pediatric populations.

We support development and implementation of programmatic and policy-based solutions to address the complex factors that influence health outcomes. 

We have an abiding commitment to our community. We know we cannot achieve our goal of enabling every child to thrive without supporting the development of healthy communities.

Our experience in health system leadership, direct health care delivery, health policy, community engagement, public health, and health care financing provides unique perspective and expertise in developing proven solutions for health care.

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