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Generating change for a generation of kids.


The Generations Project is Genesis Health Consulting's strategy to cultivate transformational grassroots initiatives in child health through pro bono strategic counsel, project management, policy development and advocacy.  Founded in 2021, The Generations Project is our new and growing effort to work directly with kids, families, and communities to improve health and wellbeing.


Initiatives are selected by GHC leadership based on significant

  • potential to improve child and family health,

  • community interest and endorsement,

  • and demonstrated need for expert resources. 

Continue to learn more about our work through the Generations Project. 

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Henry's House Early Childhood Centers
Cleveland, Ohio


Henry's House Early Childhood Centers is a grassroots initiative in Cleveland, Ohio to design and open early childhood learning and intervention centers specifically for children with medical and developmental disabilities. These centers will fill an urgent need: there is currently no program in the Cleveland area that is capable of providing safe, meaningful, and inclusive daycare programming, early intervention therapies, and special needs nursing for disabled babies and toddlers.


Genesis Health Consulting is donating pro bono work to write a business plan, conduct market and policy research, and establish an advisory council for Henry's House. 

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