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The SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) pandemic has stressed children and families worldwide. It continues to disrupt family relationships, access to community resources, education, health services, child care, and parental employment; create personal and economic uncertainty and anxiety; and cause devastating illness and death among vulnerable populations and communities of color.


Though much of the research and media attention during the pandemic has been focused on how to meaningfully fight back against the immediate viral threat, we cannot lose sight of three important facts.


  1. COVID-19 presents immediate and long-term challenges to child health and development.

  2. Until we know how to keep kids safe - in school, in daycare, in community programs - we are impeding economic recovery.

  3. How we respond today has the potential to set a new, positive trajectory for the well-being of American kids for generations to come. 

Genesis has deep experience helping business, education, policy, and healthcare leaders engage in dynamic planning and strategy implementation to navigate through these rapidly changing circumstances. Our unique approach leverages the ability to work across sectors to help school administrators, policymakers, business owners, childcare providers, and health care professionals anticipate the unique risks to kids during the pandemic. We provide the expertise and bandwidth to help you articulate a recovery plan that supports the needs of kids, families, and employees while positioning your businesses for success. 


Let's get started. 

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We compiled a library of articles, commentary, and research that inform our thinking on COVID-19 and kids.

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