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How to support children and families in response to crisis in Ukraine

At Genesis, we acknowledge the gravity of the violent and unprovoked attacks on Ukrainian soil by the Russian military. We are fearful for the lives of children and families on the ground and who are being displaced by the hour. We invite you to hold space for Ukrainian residents, visitors, refugees, and immigrants during this difficult time.

Although we concentrate our professional efforts domestically, we support and stand by all children and families around the world who are struggling to establish and sustain their quality of life in the face of astounding human rights violations.

Below is the beginning of a non-exhaustive list of emerging opportunities to support families fleeing the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Please note Genesis is not affiliated with any of the following organizations.

IRC is currently preparing to support displaced families in Poland. Financial gifts support medical care, food, and basic necessities.

Save the Children has established a Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund to provide humanitarian aid to children in danger and distress. Contributions provide children and families with immediate aid (food, water, hygiene kits, etc.)

UNICEF is seeking to mitigate the immediate threats posed to children fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. UNICEF is working to meet critical needs including health care, education, and psychological support.

MSF teams at the Polish-Ukrainian border are analyzing the situation to determine the extent of medical needs necessary. They are working to provide rescue shelter materials to reception shelters in Poland.

**Photo credit to David Cliff, 2022 the Associated Press. See also How to talk to children about what’s happening.

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