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Coaching Systems Through Change

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

One of the most consistent challenges our clients face is how to support employees through serious changes in their daily professional work. Change is stressful, regardless of a person's title, experiences, or belief in the change to come. One of the most important decisions leaders can make is to invest in change management support when tackling significant strategic and operational initiatives. 

Genesis Health Consulting recently partnered with a major West-coast pediatric health system to support a multidisciplinary leadership team through the final stages of strategic planning for a high-profile, multi-million dollar business and philanthropic investment in child health. Our engagement intentionally assessed all factors of success, from individual readiness and capacity for change, to process management and system infrastructure. We identified key risks and opportunities alongside front-line and executive leaders and documented actionable and measurable recommendations and performance indicators. This strategy improved the experience of change amongst system leaders, as well as the overall success and sustainability of their investment. 

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