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Designing Better Systems: Health Begins at Home

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Evidence proves what our common sense already knows: health begins at home. Genesis Health Consulting built from this premise when designing a new model of care for babies and toddlers with non-organic failure to thrive. Children in this population have difficulty gaining weight and growing at a health pace, despite being otherwise health. Clinician partners flagged this population because while they had every tool available to rule out physiologic ("organic") barriers to a child's growth, they had very few tools to fully assess social/emotional, environmental, or behavioral risk factors that are strongly correlated with non-organic failure to thrive. To reduce the number of children who were developing non-organic failure to thrive, and to help those who struggled to recover more quickly, clinicians needed to find a way to meaningfully engage a family in their home environment. Genesis led a multidisciplinary team of sub-specialists, primary care providers, pharmacists, policymakers, and lay health caregivers in design of a new care model that focused on home-based care, using clinic services as a "wrap-around" complement. Genesis identified the metrics used to determine whether the model improved care outcomes, experience and overall value. And, Genesis prioritized changes to policy that would remove barriers to accessing important public services, or coordinating care across different care teams. 

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